Well after being awake all night getting ready for my Mom's visit which was to start tomorrow, I find out at work that I will have to go to Atlanta on business Thursday. And they are making me go in the morning and fly home the same night. Ugh. I hate doing that.

Meanwhile some of us at work moved into a different part of the building. I'm impressed, we got set up, phones, network, and desks, all in one day. Of course our two teams consist of only 7 people.

People at work like my hair cut. One woman kept calling it cute, etc....I just had to smile while I internally enjoyed the compliment (she's engaged). It felt nice to have a woman compiment me. Since my ex, I haven't been around women much...well my family, and they are great, but its not the same.... I feel like I'm taking conrol of my life.

On a more random note, waiting at the Park Street T stop, I noticed how strange it can appear when a person is using a hands-free cellphone. I kinda looks like they are randomly talking or laughing, and remaining still all the while (I suppose not all people remain still). Gave me a good laugh inside.