I can't stand that fucking bitch. I can't stand her anymore. I can't. Fucking. Stand her. Any. More. God fucking damn it I can't fucking stand her anymore. I'VE HAD IT I'VE FUCKING HAD IT I'VE HAD ENOUGH I CANNOT TAKE IT ANY MORE.

Dammit fuck I can't stand her any more!!!


Relax guys I'm not talking about my wife.

The cute 16 year old German girl is fucking a 26 year old stoner dropout in a one-room apartment on the north end of town. I didn't even know her that well and it still blows my fucking mind. She's an exchange student at the high school I no longer attend, and yet I still can't get over it.

First time I met her she was walking into my house with two dudes, a friend and a friend-of-a-friend/close acquaintance, and they all sat on the bed in my little room while I scrambled to shut down the several computers that I am constantly using and put on some actual pants so we could get the fuck out of my house. We drive around in Eric's BMW, listening to Billy Talent on her iPod while we try to get her to stop fucking with the automatic seat adjustments. For the next month all my friend talked about was the problems between the two of them -- She would always go hang out with the horny nerd and didn't like it when he smoked weed. Long story short, she changed her mind after she met this dude, and clearly they have overlooked some of the U.S. laws on statutory rape.

I met the guy once. He lives in a room with a bed, a PS3, and numerous jars of marijuana. She's sitting there blazed of her little fuckin' tits and he's ripped as hell. What were we gonna do except smoke more weed? I sat out with the designated driver while everyone else struggled with his fucked up three chamber bong.

"Woah, this isn't my special blend, this is Elvis. How did elvis get in here?"

So my friend is selling weed now, and is generally a total dickhole, but for the most part this is all stuff that everyone has to deal with. I'll take heart knowing that my life is less fucked than most. I'll repeat that, just for me. Less fucked than most. I read some daylogs, and while that may not really be a fair sample group, it clearly demonstrates that many people deal with a lot more shit than I do. I'm not sure if that helps anything.Beyond that, I'm complaining about shit that barely affects me. Just forget I said anything.

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