Now that I've actually been driving around Boston, I'm actually learning my way around town. Kinda scary, that it didn't take me 40 minutes to drive from Cambridge to Brookline. Okay, it was actually scary that it took me that long to begin with.

My truck is severely underutilized. Someone rode with me today and commented that "Hey, this smells new. Did you just get it?". Acutally, I've had it for a year now, but I rarely drive it. I guess I won't complain about this, thats for sure! But this would all change if I only had a parking spot, and that might happen if I would stop procrastinating and make some phone calls.

Of course, not having a parking spot means that I have to take the T, which means I need to leave work by about 11:40 or so (or take a taxi or walk 45 minutes). So maybe this is a good thing, because it encourages me to work less.

Speaking of procrastinating, I still haven't made it out to the Cape. I guess any beach would do, but I really want to wake up early some Saturday morning (HA!) and drive out there.... I love the Ocean, even if its probably cold. I want to make a new "beach rock collection".