damn. i had almost forgotten. forgotten the feel of kicking the inertia and hydroplaning on a sheet of existence. of not just fighting against that which is "bad", or believing in that which is "good" but rather just being.

you know, fuck, we're given one life. you might think more; you may not think we get one at all. but what i see and what i hear, what i feel, tell me i got ONE. just this one. and i'm not gonna spend my time worrying about who has the biggest car and screw who has the better job and to hell with the ads, the competition, the "Game".

we are living in a society with implicit control. they want you to do, think, buy, sell, act, consume, fuck, rape and pillage as is their plan. who are "they"? they are everyone who stands to make a profit off us. what's profit? pure imagination. better than anything Willy Wonka could dream up.

profit is that measure of a man that says he got his by taking it from others.

but what if i don't want to take anymore? what if i don't want to play in this game? i wanna timeout. i wanna go back to tag.

well, then, stop.

go on. just for a second. stop.

remember that this is a life. you are alive. there is no goal to which you race. there is no award for being first, last, middle, blue, black, or golden. there is no award, just this life.

so, stop.

remeber that you can do anything you want. you are alive.

perhaps it is nicer to not steal. and down right good of you not to kill. but those are your choices. you can choose not to go to work today. not to node. not to bathe.

you can choose to walk out your door right now and stroll about the night/day/morning; stroll in the rain; snow; desert. you can choose to spend your time fighting against leftism; or against rightism. or you can decide that it's not the battle you're here for, but rather the ice cream. or the men. or the women. or all three.

yossarian is aok. and completely right. take a second from listening to the commercials. or reading the ad-banners. look at the system you live in. it's huge. don't let it steal your life from you. don't let the system, the money, the "proper things" rule you. make sure you live. never ever forget it.

you will die.



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