My Mother rediscovered her independence after my Father left. Part of this new found self confidence and independence was her renewed interest in music. She was 27 when this album was released and she fell in love with it at once.

Some of my happiest childhood memories are of her playing this music and being happy. She would also play this as she drove me to school or to church. The other mothers, being maybe 15 years older, used to disapprove of my Mother's taste in music and clothes. My mother would worry about this, but now she doesn't care.

This was a double LP with the same set of tracks on the cassette. However, when they came to produce the CD, they dropped the track 'Hey You!!!' "so as to facilitate a single compact disc" (it says on the back of the disc).

The resulting CD is 72:09, just inside the limit in the days of 74 minute, expensive CDs - can you remember that kids? They never seem to have bothered restoring that track to the CD now that the 80 minute version is common. However, Hey You!!! no longer qualifies as a lost song as it turned up on a b-sides compilation the band put out in 2001.

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