A series of city building games by Sierra. The player acts as the ruler of a Roman city and needs to accomplish certain goals to win the favor of the current Caesar. By succesfully creating subsequently larger and more complicated cities that deal with increasingly difficult food, native and defensive problems the player can become Caesar. The series has improved greatly and I know that 2 and 3 are very fun. Caesar III presented a more realistic way of determining whether a structure was close enough to the housing to take effect, but the implementation of this was problematic. Each structer would send out a walker who would effect the houses passed by. The problem was that the walker's seemed to be the most idiotic people in the world. They weren't concerned at all where the housing was, and the algorithm for the paths they took was unfathomable. Besides this the game is actually very fun to play. Hopefully they'll work out the bugs and release a final definitive version.