September 4, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones, at this point there has been a wee Ragnarok due to my throwing the wrong switch with my clumsy arthritic fingers and big cursor.

By the way, at this point I am caught between the realm of humans and that of the kami, a mere ghost in the machine. I can affect others but cannot be seen. A poltergeist. So desu neh.

Dozens and dozens of spelling /msgs sent. Make that dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens.

Okay. All of the switches are in the right place.

Nuke requests fulfilled:

  • Cape Augulhas by StrawberryFrog.
  • Gr-r-rrrrr!; E2 is made of the stuff! It's made of the stuff!; what's on your desk? all by --OutpostMir--.
  • How many gigs of MP3s do you have?; testerone-pumped males both by Zorin.
  • easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and ex nodeshell reported by Zorin.
  • ahnberg by ahnberg. Single linkless node by fled user. Node and user nuked. Reported by Rollo.
  • licky my nuts; rape my winsagoober; suck shit through a straw by njdevils. Toitytalk by a fled user. All gone now. Reported by hramyaegr.
  • an admin password for the universe by CentrX. As requested.
  • Fight the Future Script: II; Fight the Future Script: I; The X-files: Fight the Future script all by Queequeg. As requested.
  • gigs by IainB. Requested by wharfinger.