Song by Phish. Music by Trey Anastasio. It appears as track 1 and 2 on Phish's first studio album, Junta. It is actually seven separate songs performed as one giant suite:

This song premeired on 12/1/84 at Nectar’s, Burlington, VT, with the Dude on guest vocals. The Dude had written the lyrics about a cancer patient he saw at a Dead show who, after chemotherapy, had glued cotton balls on his head in lieu of his hair. (The Dude’s brother was similarly afflicted.) At this point in time, the song consisted solely of the first and last sections. All the other sections debuted separately as individual songs, and gradually came together to form the gestalt that is Fluffhead today. This “final draft” version premiered 5/15/88, although those isolated sections occasionally continued to be performed separately throughout 1989.

Fluffhead has no designated jam section, hence there are not many individual performances that need spotlighting. However, the Arrival section was spontaneously jammed out for several minutes on 7/24/99 and 9/30/00. Especially tight performances include 2/20/93, 6/11/94, and 11/30/96.

Officially released live versions can be found on:

Live Phish 08: 7/10/99
Live Phish 09: 8/26/89
Live Phish 10: 6/22/94

Thanks to Mark Toscano and the Runaway Golfcart Marathon.

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