Pay attention, because this is confusing. Fluff’s Travels is the name of not one, but three instrumental compositions by Phish.

(1.) Most commonly, when a Phishhead says “Fluff’s Travels” he or she means the second of the seven segments of the Fluffhead suite, as represented on the CD Junta by Disc 2, Track 2 (0:00-1:09).

(2.) However, Fluff’s Travels is also the name of the second “part” of the suite—segments 2 through 7. This is reflected in the track listing on the CD. The entire second track is also Fluff’s Travels. Think of it like you think of the album Rift also containing the song Rift. (Or Let it Be, or whatever example you want to choose.)

(3.) An embryonic version of (1.) which appears on The White Tape, also known as Phish’s self-titled true first release. It is shorter, and performed solely on acoustic guitar.

The reason phans don’t have much call to talk about (2.) is because ever since early 1988, (2.) has been incorporated into the larger work of Fluffhead, and that’s where it’s most heard. However, it is said that the truly anal-retentive phans still write Fluffhead -> Fluff’s Travels on their setlists.

Yet even after this integration--twice in 1989 and once in 1990--(1.) was played outside of the framework of the entire suite. For more information, see the Fluffhead node.

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