September 30, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, I am still timezoned and I seeb to hab a code. The nodegel bubbles around my ventral breathing pores. I am confused. I swim downwards through the gel to look for an older node but it turns out to be up instead and I bump into New Writeups. Oh well.

O dem bones, I will carefully consider your sage advice to treat my cold with Mountain Dew and Oreos. The fact that I am instead taking ginger and lemon in a bit of saké does not indicate a lack of faith in your wisdom but merely my unfortunate stagnation in the habitual.

The nodegel however seems healthy. The wizardly whizkid has learned to sense the spoor of trolls. He now prowls with some of the same fierce manner as the deadly Lord Brawl. The other godusergroup and editorusergroup entities are steadily tending the nodes and noders.

There seems to be a strong flow of clear freegel coming from the vents. To see it moulded by the noders into shapely nodes and writeups is truly a wonderous sight. My tiny thorax swells with pride. Or is that congestion?

And look, there floats a nodeshell I actually like: salt water taffy sticking to the teeth of my mind created by Svaha.

The new day dawns over the nodegel. The gel ripples in the virtual light.

Released into freegel:

I popped what was in Nodeshells Marked For Destruction and a few others.

Hm. I fell into a kind of trance state deleting nodeshells and Nov. 13, 1999 wus when clicking through Random Nodes. Oh, I fixed a definition or two, saved a few wus by adding links. But the rhythm of the thing became hypnotic. I have no memory of the specifics. But I feel refreshed.


  • Zorin by Zorin, by request.