September 27, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones why have you let loose EDB to wander freely between the nodes? Without warning, without any rational justification, noders vanish within the long tube of its gullet. True, those who flail about, whose pheromones spray the taste of anger or who Chatter vibrates with vulgarity draw its attention and are swallowed. As the saying goes, it is the nail which sticks up which will be hammered down. But the innocent are not safe.

Still, the gel glows with improved health. The glow shimmers over the rippling dimensions of the gel, glimmers on the moist shapes of the nodes and writeups. Surely there is a connection.

Or are we merely looking for connections, like seeing faces in the rippling of the gel?

This is what we wonder as we tend the nodes and noders. Much freegel has been released from where fled users congealed their homenodes. Many nodes are being channeled through the funnel of New Writeups. It is good.

The Crypt destabilizes: