OK, bear in mind that it took a disproportionate amount of Bud Ice and Papa John's to generate this dream. In fact, just a few hours before, I can vaguely remember holding up a plastic cup and screaming "WORSHIP THE BEER! THE BEER IS YOUR GOD!" ...not that anyone could hear me over Jay-Z anyhow.

So here we go. There was this forest, and all these naked babes with big tits were hanging around, giving each other body paint jobs as though it were Fantasy Fest in Key West. It was a very serene scene, something that might come out of a Shinto pr0n video.

Then, I heard all these bagpipes in the hills, and some voices singing what sounded like Danny Boy. But it wasn't an Orangeman parade, because the voices were singing in Hebrew.

Suddenly, out of every corner, Hasidic Jews began to appear! And they were carrying big fucking rocket launchers and machine guns and shit and wasting everything in sight! A couple of seconds later, the whole forest and all the naked babes with big tits were gone.

I am not making this up. My subconscious did.

The only analysis I can draw out of this dream is that I need to get pissed more often.