The Passion

The toothpick wielder was granted the Master MasterCard, infinite credit. I was born in the borderline between reality and unreality. The contact point between pen and ink. It was this verge, this verse, this cutting edge of the razor of reality from which the creativity of humankind flowered forth. We all went in search of the Universal Message together. Candle, the human female playing a red and white deck, was in awe of herself and my stomach grumbled, churned, quaked, started again... but I wasn't hungry.

Yesterday, I played Magic: the Gathering with EDB, the toothpick wielder. He won both games, once with a deck I built for him, once with a deck partly of his own choosing. They were true games. His deck was a black, white, green optical illusion deck, and mine was a blue, red, green creature control deck. However, I had turned off my power in order to lose fairly. Fate decided the outcome. I was in awe of myself. I reassumed by true role, and Candle smiled sweetly, innocently.

(And now a word from our sponsor: Jedi Tennis...)
The emerald dawn infected everything in this city, from gray wizards to purple magic alike. Eden could barely contain himself. He and I learned life magic together, with Life as my guide. EDB once and for all realized his true nature, and beat off Darth Maul with a single toothpick. It was hardly worth his effort. He was better than cyclops with his visor off. A single reflecting teardrop, crystal clear, shining.

We had teriaki for lunch that day. The elven savior sat to my left with outside help. The ring-bearer was there, shrugging off chaos, Ruddy the Red was learning to play a gray deck, and Mathematician the Gray was attempting a red deck. It was the most controlled explosion in the world, moving at a pace of 3.14159265 cm/minute. The boundaries were set. We went on to play a game of scavenger hunt without objects.

It ended when Love's representative found the bug}insect. We found ourselves in true geekdom. Love's representative was a male geek, solid, human, friendly. He represented the twin rings himself, binding like Courtship. He would be able to find free will and Fate whenever Fate needed to be rescued in the great scavenger hunt without frontiers, war without death.

(We now pause for these commercial messages: The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven...)
Death patted EDB and Klaproth on the head. My two cute little goth boys, she said. Candle grinned Chaotically. She was learning to be Chaotic Good as well. Red and black in the most brilliant and heart-stopping colors. We fell madly in love all over again. She was like Chanel #5. She caught the lump in her throat, and sighed with anticipation. I played a recorder and a harmonica. Eden bowed and ran off with a new mission of his own writing.

Life reformed, and played a squirrel deck, merging with all opponents with tremendous speed. I kept him in check. We were both EDB and not EDB at the same time. The holder of the Master MasterCard jammed his toothpick through his computer monitor, opening forth magic as yet untapped in our reality. He was a frontier elf. We cheered.

He was pushing the limits of the City of God ever outward. The gated community reversed itself. The white picket fences joined the Fellowship of the Ring. Candle and I had our twin rings, and we graduated to married life. The king and the queen returned after merging with each one of their enemies. Redefinition. Game over. The Eternal Chess Match continued on, this time with new, more brilliantly drab and boringly brilliant colors.

And we'll stop here for now...