The largest newssite on the 'net in Norway and the second largest site overall in the country. It's fully owned by the newspaper VG. The website has several million hits daily, and over 500 000 steady daily readers in a population of 4,5 million.

It's contents are tabloid in format, but more serious news also get high profile on the front page. Some of the news are shared with the paper edition, but VG Nett also has it's own news, culture and IT desk. VG Nett tries to balance the different types of news stories and not to have too much light stuff. This has resulted in a staff very capable of delivering serious news in a matter most people will find pleasant to read.

On the technical side, the site is hosted on a cluster of load-balanced Linux machines, maintained by the in-house gurus. These machines can handle a load of a thousand of hits per second, at peak hours. Later, the Linux machines will migrate to IBM rackmounted servers, with a Sun SunFire server doing the DB, and a smaller SunFire doing the replication.

The adress is:

E2 noders employed: 2
Including passive noders: 4

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