Quite apart from Trainspotting parodies, nodespotting is a conceivable activity for those of you who want to ascend/descend to the next level of E2 geekdom. So pack yourself some sandwiches, an apple and a flask of tea, put on your best anorak, sharpen your pencil and keep an eye out for the following types of node:

Factual nodes
More common than you might think, these dependable workhorses of E2 provide the cold hard facts. (Webster 1913 writeups don't count.)

Rant nodes
It won't take you too long to mark down a couple of these incandescent beauties. Look out especially for writeups with stunning passages of bold text.

Whine nodes
A close relative of the rant, the whine adds that extra ingredient of self-pity.

E2 Culture nodes
Nodes about noding. You're reading one right now! Quick, mark it in your notebook!

"Getting to know you" nodes/Poll nodes (closely related)
What's your favorite type of node? If everybody answers, then we can make the page so big that nobody will ever read it!

"The title is the node" nodes
Don't you just hate it when you click on a long node title only to find that there is no real content behind it?

Brave, experimental nodes
Generally, nodes which try to make E2 do things it was never designed to do, such as games, competitions etc.

Day logs
Daily updates on the mundane or otherwise lives of people you'll probably never meet.

Dream logs

Personal nodes
Nodes about noders. Often insulting, sometimes complimentary.

Island nodes
The nodespotter's dream: a node with no links, soft or hard, found by the felicitous chance of typing its exact title into the search box. Does such a node even exist? You tell me.

Illegal nodes
Also called cut-and-paste writeups, these devillish creatures have been unscrupulously ripped off from some uncredited source. Nodespotters should note that these are an endangered species.

Home nodes
Very easy to find: simply click on a noder's name. You will then be treated to whatever garbage that noder thinks is worth posting. Home nodes of higher-level noders often have beautiful plumage in the shape of a home node image.

Are these a type of node? Who knows. They're very useful, though.

Multi-lingual nodes
Very rare, ach ceapaim go bhfuil níos mó le déanaí.

Noisy Sunset
Quite unique.