Today was a rather interesting day, mainly because of some of the boys in my life.

I woke up late because I didn't have my philosophy class. I really hate that class so this was a good thing. I went to math and probably failed a quiz. Then I went to my philosophy discussion and got a B on my last paper. This made me happy. Well then off to linguistics where my professor said "Well, there's not much you can do with beavers," and then he started laughing and then the whole class started laughing. That guy is hilarious.

I got home and checked my email. I had three messages, which is more than I ever get at one time! One of them was from Jesse. I wrote him a letter last night briefly telling him about the dream I had about him yesterday. I said that it made me sad and I still cared. We officially had stopped talking, but I wrote him anyway. This is how it works with us. Well he wrote me back and it was actually nice. He said that he thought about me sometimes too and he might even dream about me but he doesn't know. Of course I wrote him back, telling him more. I don't want to miss him, he's the only one I've ever loved....

If you're really curious about the other two emails, one was telling me that I had debit credit so I could do laundry and the other was some forward. Oh well.

Then I called home, to tell my parents to give me more money, and I actually ended up talking to my brother for a while. He is 15 and we never really talked much when I lived at home, so I'm glad we can talk now that we can't fight over the computer, or the last granola bar, or who didn't leave the door open so the cat could (hopefully) run away. I miss him too. I love my brother.

I'm happy because my friends and I went grocery shopping last night at 11 and I bought 40 dollars worth of food just for me! It was a far walk and I didn't think I could walk back uphill with all those groceries, so we almost stole a grocery cart but decided to be good citizens. We were rewarded for our good behavior because some random people listening to Johnny Cash really loud drove by and offered to give us a ride. My faith in humanity has been partially restored.