My greatest fear is being trite, however I have to say that from the moment I saw Jarett I knew he was something special. The problem: when his glorious presence grazed mine, my boyfriend Ethan was standing right next to me.

Ethan and I had been having problems anyway and I thought Jarett would be a good excuse to finally end it. Not that it was that easy, Ethan really loved me. But I just couldnt do it anymore, so it ended, with me crying the whole time. How could I not shed a tear over that look in his eyes?

Less than one day after I broke up with that poor boy I did something even more horrible. I wrote Jarett an email and told him I wanted to hang out sometime. Even worse, Jarett responded back. The reason that it was so horrible was that these two boys in my life were also fraternity brothers, and supposedly shared a bond that no girl was allowed to touch. I had doubts for some reason though about his sincerity, so I somehow ended up back together with Ethan. A couple of days later, Jarett and I had our first phone conversation, which lasted two and a half hours. We agreed to go to lunch that friday and I couldnt help but keep it from Ethan. I knew it had been a mistake to get back together with him but I didnt know how to fix it.

So I went to lunch with Jarett and he showed me how to use chopsticks and showed me a place on campus that I had never seen before. I remember him sitting there, telling me stories about ADD and I smiled. I hadnt related to someone nearly so well ever since I arrived at UC Berkeley six months earlier. If there was one thing that I knew at that point in my life, it was that I had to do everything to not let him go.

He asked me to go to that movies that night, and of course I agreed. However things could never be that simple with Jarett. Ethan asked me to go to the same movie later that day, and I had to make up some excuse. I was a horrible person, turning down a date with my boyfriend to go out with another guy! It only went downhill from there.

This story is way too long, so I will continue it some other day.