This is a bio of what I have gathered of one of the bands that I enjoy. Seen them in concert twice.


Full Name: Andreas Rudolf Kisser
Plays: Lead guitar, vocals
Birthday: August 24,1968.
Birthplace: Sao Bernardo Do Campo, SP (Brazil)

"I started the guitar when I was 13 years old, with an old acoustic that I borrowed from
my grandma. I began playing Brazilian popular music to learn the basic chords and just the
last four years I started classical guitar lessons and still studying and learning from it." said Andreas in an interview

Before Sepultura he played in:
Quarteto Da Pinga


Full Name: Derrick Leon Green
Plays: Guitars, vocals
Birthday: January 20, 1971.
Birthplace: Cleveland, USA

Started playing when he was 16 in Cleveland in a band called OUTFACE, for about 7 years.
With this band he played many places in the US and toured Europe with their album FRIENDLY
GREEN. After he and the guitarist moved to NY and left the band behind, they started a new
band called OVERFIEND and in their first concert they opened for Sick of it All, this was
the first and the last concert cause the guitarist and the drummer left the band. Then he and
the bass player formed a band called ALPHA JERK where he played till he joined SEPULTURA.

Before Sepultura he played in:
Alpha Jerk


Full Name: Igor Graziano Cavalera
Plays: Drums
Birthday: [September 4, 1970.
Birthplace: Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil)

Plays drums on both Nailbomb albums.
Contrary to rumors Igor doesn't play on Brujeria's "Matando Gueros" and "Raza Odiada" albums.
On the track "Overthrow" of Strife's 1997 "In This Defiance" release (using the name Puta que
=bitch that gave birth) because he wasn't officially allowed to appear under his real
name by Roadrunner Records)
And on the Titas' 95 album "Domingo" on the track "Brasileiro".

Before Sepultura he played in:


Full Name: Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr.
Plays: Bass
Birthday: April 30, 1969.
Birthday: Belo Horizonte, (Brazil)

Before Sepultura he played in: