Description and History

Nailbomb was a short-lived industrial hardcore collaboration between Max Cavalera (rhythm guitarist and vocalist of Soulfly -- back then he was in Sepultura, though) and Alex Newport, the Fudge Tunnel bass player, founded in 1993. The two musicians had developed a friendship earlier, and the project was basically an excuse for them to experiment with different musical genres than the thrash metal they were used to. Nailbomb lyrics were often political, provocative and heavily opinionated, and their songs bore titles like 24 Hour Bullshit (about big media), Guerillas and Religious Cancer (you guess what that one is about). The two opening lines of the first song on debut album Point Blank kinda sum up the attitude of this band:

"Carve your rights into your arms,
So they won't get taken away!"

Works a lot better when Max is gutturally shouting it than when it's presented in glorious HTML, though. Nailbomb featured many guest artists, notably including Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera and Sepultura lead guitarist Andreas Kisser. The band never had a non-guest drummer, and both Max and Alex regularly played other instruments than their main ones during Nailbomb's short existence. Nailbomb broke up on good terms in 1996.


  • Max Cavalera (Vocals, bass, guitar, samples, keyboards)
  • Alex Newport (Bass, guitar, keyboards, samples)


  • Point Blank (1994)
  • Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide (live recording, 1996)

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