Kotiteollisuus is a Finnish band, coming from Lappeenranta, which is in the south-eastern part of Finland, very near the Russian border.

This "boy-band from hell" -trio is formed by Jouni Hynynen (vocals, guitar, b. 1970), Jari Sinkkonen (drums, b. 1970) and Janne Hongisto (bass, b. 1970). Songs are often credited for the whole band, lyrics are made by Hynynen. The songs are nowadays almost every time recorded and mixed by Mikko Karmila.

Kotiteollisuus plays rock at its hardest - so hard that it's almost metal. Or maybe it's rockish metal - who knows. Or cares. Furious guitars, catchy rhythms and violent melodies - Kotiteollisuus is so hard music that it makes your balls bounce. Head-banging, tile-smashing. Some associate Kotiteollisuus with Sepultura's famous album Roots or old Metallica but most just like to think that the band is quite unique - suit yourself.

Finnish lyrics of Hynynen are often sad and pessimistic, but also often romantic and touching. One of the main subjects of Hynynen is the eternal struggle between heaven and hell. Or then again, maybe the words are nothing but blurry visions of a drunken boy, who got too old too fast. Also critisism against useless consumption and "money and greed" is usual.

The band has a reputation being perhaps the most "metal" rock-band in Finland. This means extreme drinking, stupid boyish tricks in hotel rooms etc. Despite - or because - of this, Kotiteollisuus has gained new fans during its existence - mostly men - with its masculine attitude, but the band has never lost its sense of humor.

Kotiteollisuus is one of the hardest and most-wanted live bands in Finland - its aggressive and brutal gig is definitely a must-see.

Albums of Kotiteollisuus:
Aamen (1998)
Eevan perintö (1999)
Tomusta ja tuhkasta (2000)
Kuolleen kukan nimi (2002)
Helvetistä itään (2003)

Melodic, metallic and hard rock sells in cold and dark Finland: the album "Kuolleen kukan nimi" was 5th at its best in the official Finnish charts. The album "Helvetistä itään" boomed and spent a while at the top of the Finnish official chart.

With "Helvetistä itään", Kotiteollisuus achieved much fame. It performed in big festivals and did many, many live gigs. Many older fans said that the band had sold itself, but Kotiteollisuus didn't care - they even revamped their WWW site in spring 2004, to irritate some of these "genre policemen".

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