First Impressions - Pride and Prejudice

Susan - Northanger Abbey

Mag’s Diversions
The Copperfield Disclosures
The Copperfield Records
The Copperfield Survey of the World As It Rolled
Copperfield Complete - David Copperfield (duh!)

Alice’s Adventures Underground - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

All’s Well That Ends Well - War and Peace

The Sea-Cook - Treasure Island

The Chronic Argonauts - The Time Machine

Paul Morel - Sons and Lovers

Stephen Hero - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The Romantic Egotist - This Side of Paradise

The Village Virus - Main Street

Incident at West Egg
Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires
Trimalchio in West Egg
On the Road to West Egg
Gold-hatted Gatsby
The High-bouncing Lover
Under the Red White and Blue - The Great Gatsby

The Lost Generation
River to the Sea
Two Lie Together
The Old Leaven - The Sun Also Rises

Tenderness - Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Twilight - The Sound and the Fury

O Lost - Look Homeward, Angel

Bar-B-Q - The Postman Always Rings Twice

Tomorrow is Another Day
Tote the Weary Load
Ba! Ba! Black Sheep
None So Blind
Not in Our Stars
Mules in Horse Harness
Bugles Sang True - Gone With the Wind

The Various Arms
Return to the Wars - To Have and Have Not

Something That Happened - Of Mice and Men
(sounds exciting, John!)

Proud Flesh - All the King’s Men

Salinas Valley - East of Eden

The Tree and the Blossom - Peyton Place

Catch-18 - Catch-22

A Jewish Patient Begins His Analysis - Portnoy’s Complaint

Come and Go - The Happy Hooker

The Summer of the Shark
The Terror of the Monster
The Jaws of the Leviathan - Jaws

Before This Anger - Roots

Translation can also completely rename a book. Perhaps the original title doesn't translate well; or perhaps it contains a very culture-specific reference; or maybe the translator wanted something catchier. Whatever the reason, here are some well-known books that got renamed in translation:

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