Shit last nite I went arounfd killing peole. I must of killed ike 9 people 3 of wich I knew. For some od reason i kiled my bestfriends dad, all because she asked me too he was the first.
I went over to there house saw he she was there lieng in bed alonew asleeep I guess I was there to kill her because just looked at her. She awoke when my hands were around her neck and turning purple. Something made me stop I just couldnt see her eves pop out of her sockets.
I ran out of the house she followed and asked me what that was all about, I told her that I didnt know she said it was ok and walked with me. once we got ot her gate she asked me for a favor I said sure she asked me if I could walk back with her and kill her dad. I agreed as soon as we got to his roomm I woke up with some blood on me, I was "like what the fuck" it turns out it was a can of red paint I had on my window by my bed that had fallen with the wind but fuck was I scared atleast I hope it was paint. but i dont care .