In Canada, Ham Prefixes are designated by each province.

Nova Scotia NS (VE1, CY9, CYO);
Quebec QC (VE2, VA2);
Ontario ON (VE3,VA3);
Manitoba MB (VE4);
Saskatchewan SK (VE5);
Alberta AB (VE6);
British Columbia BC (VE7);
Northwest Territories NT (VE8);
New Brunswick NB (VE9);
Newfoundland and Labrador NF (VO1, VO2);
Yukon YU or YT (VY1);
and Prince Edward Island PE (VY2).

Depending on when you recieved your ham license in Canada, you are either given a 2 letter suffix (This was a while ago, and you couldn't choose the letters), Or a 3 letter suffix (This is more recent, and you are allowed to choose the letters).