Founded in 1866, the University of New Hampshire is a public
University serving an undergraduate population of 10,500
students. Recognized among public universities for the quality of the
academic experience it provides to its students, UNH is also a rising
among research universities, yet it retains the look and feel
a New
liberal arts college with a faculty dedicated to teaching.

A comprehensive land-, sea-, and space-grant university, UNH offers
diverse curricula in which students are encouraged to pursue their
interests across disciplinary lines. Within its seven schools, the
University offers 2,000 courses in over 100 majors, and special programs
include a particularly strong undergraduate research program, the honors
, and a wide range of opportunities for internships, study
and national exchange experiences.
In 1998, UNH completed a $19 million renovation of the 207,000 square
Dimond Library, and other campus highlights include a recently-completed
journalism laboratory, a student union building including two
theaters, a
food court, and a variety of services and entertainment, a sports

featuring a 6,000-seat sports arena and concert hall, and a new
Ideally located in the rural town of Durham, UNH
is within 20 minutes of
the Maine and New Hampshire seacoasts, and one hour of
(sic) Boston, Portland,
and the White Mountains.


UNH is perhaps best know for Men's Ice
. Academically, the marine biology program draws students from all
over the world. Other than that, it is know for being the most expensive
state school for in-staters