Carried out by the UBS, and according to a Swiss bank survery, Tokyo is by far the world's most expensive city to live in. The survey compares prices and salaries in 58 cities.

Tokyo comes out top, followed by New York and Zurich, with Bombay and Budapest bringing up the rear.Geneva is in ninth place, just below London.

Food accounts for a big proportion of the weekly budget in these cities. In Tokyo, a basket of items would cost $765, which is more than double the average price. Some consolation though, is that the salaries are the highest in the world.

Incomes are also much higher than average in the Swiss cities and New York, however they do work some of the longest hours, and for the Americans who get around 11 days leave a year...there is little respite. This compares with the generous 31 days offered to workers in Madrid.

There is a big difference in the cost of living in Asia though, Bombay brings up the rear in 58th place, Manila and Jakarta are also ranked in the bottom six.

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