upon completing Charles E. Wilson, i now only have four more secretaries of defense left to go. i started with the most recent and worked backwards and am finding less and less information about the non-political lives of these men. i am also learning that in the past, people did not study to become politicians... their studies led them to be qualified as politicians.

it's a nice day out, almost chilly in the shade. if i don't wind up working until after dark, i shall ride my bike around town a bit before heading back home.

i was musing this morning. remembering life in the philippines. where i first started school. where my teachers thought i was a problem child because i would wander out of the classroom (wait until everyone finishes their math worksheet or go outside to watch the monkeys in the playground, which would YOU choose?). seeing movies in the theatre at the officer's club way after their release in the u.s. (including Star Wars, in 1981). our gay yardboy, george, whose boyfriend stories my sister and i thought were told solely to amuse us, not being aware of homosexuality as a lifestyle. making banners welcoming dad back from sea duty. the hidden dangers of the beautiful beaches (jellyfish, stingrays, and rip tides). riding horses while surrounded by some of the largest fruit bats in the world. visiting mount pinatubo. vacationing in baguio. king cobras. rabid monkeys. hermit crabs bigger than a softball. gila monsters lounging in the mailbox. swimming as a part of the school curriculum. living near people who used the river both for drinking water and as a toilet, but for all their poverty were happier than most families i've known.caribou races. cockfights. going to the fish market. getting rides in jeepneys. being late for school because i was fascinated with touching the sensitive plants.

i miss it. if i someday have children, i hope to raise them (at least partly) overseas. i want my child to understand the relative unimportance of air conditioning, cars, and brand-name clothes.

anyhoo, now that i've written this whole rant about the philippines, i may as well make note of things i should node as a result: werd. node ideas. time to start.