i am so tired. i haven't slept much this week. i've kinda given up on trying. i leave on saturday for my mom's house -- i'll try to get some sleep there. meanwhile i feel like the walking dead. awful heartburn and an overactive mind are keeping me awake at night. the heartburn is exceedingly uncomfortable. and even though i am physically exhausted, my mind doesn't seem to want to rest.

so like. yeah. i have my coffee. i'm at work. i checked the first-aid kit for crack to get me going but no luck. i gotta depend on the coffee.

it's windy and cold. and today is the first day of fall. how depressing. the warm weather has come and gone far too quickly for my liking. this entire year has gone by too quickly for my liking. it's been a good year, all things considered.

more later...


i can't believe how tired i am. but i am at home, and it is before dark -- a first for this week. i don't know what to do now. so much time to kill at home. a lot of the reason i've been working late is to avoid this empty time. the time between the i-just-got-home chores, and bedtime (heh, bedtime -- a funny concept given as little sleep as i've had lately).

so here's my tentative plan. drink some chocolate milk, smoke a cigarette, call the man. then we'll see what happens. hopefully i'll hit submit and just magically fall into a deep sleep. wish me luck.