The man is gone away. to utah. for weeks. i won't see him for a while. i am sad. but things will be okay.

on a lighter note, i was invited to go skydiving again (i jumped from 13k feet on my 21st birthday). for a long time i said i'd had enough, i didn't want to tempt fate too much by jumping again. but the opportunity has presented itself and i have accepted. the man may come too. sometime in the second week of october (but NOT the second friday, it's the 13th and i AINT going then).

more to come later this afternoon. currently i have a lot actual work to do. ciao.


i'm working on a pseudo-auto-noder. something which will append a list of the nodes written today and append them to a daylog if i've written one.

work is satisfying today. i am accomplishing a lot. it may be a long day but ah well, such is life. my dog and cat are used to me being late. i don't have a family and since my man is out of town there isn't anyone to put ahead of work.


i hadn't heard even a hint of this news, even though the article was posted on September 6, 2000. Apparently, Tori Amos had a baby girl. check it out at Rolling Stone: