Ye gods, forgive me for not doing all the tasks required of an editor.

My real day job has suddenly become much more demanding. I cannot slack as much as I had been used to. I have so much to accomplish that I really don't even use a browser except to do google searches when I have programming issues.

When I come home, I really try to avoid computers. With them now being a well-resented career they aren't as fun as a hobby anymore. And I really try to keep my time in the real world, doing activities with tangible results like painting and making pretty baubles.

I miss having the time to do writeups on topics I'd never even looked into, just for the sake of knowing the information contained within them. I wish I had the time to do that still. Unfortunately I am at a very important time in my career. I have dreams of retiring early, building the perfect house and making the perfect garden. I am a "Early to bed, early rise..." kind of person, and I truly believe that hard work will help me accomplish my goals. If my hard work pays off, I could further my progress faster than I had anticipated. And I am learning a lot.

I will do what I can, when I can. I still check in at least once per day though my activities are limited. Please feel free to /msg me with any questions or requests.

Humbly your ever-loyal servant,

Peg McMahan