It's GORGEOUS outside. Everything is covered in ice. The pine trees are weeping with the weight of it. Each blade of grass is thickly covered. Cozmo didn't quite know what to make of it. He pranced around on it, refusing to go to the bathroom on it until I was absolutely insistent.

So due to the weather I'm willing to bet the office is going to be dead empty. It's just as well. Working on yet another escrow has put me even more behind on my main projects. I have so much to accomplish today and so little time. I am so stressed. I must have dinner this evening with my boyfriend for an office function, but I just don't know if I can accomplish everything I need to in such a short amount of time. In addition for everything I need to do at work, I also have to wrap Christmas gifts, clean my house (it really is a wreck), do laundry, and start packing for Christmas at Mom's (oh yeah. I still have to pick up her other gift, too).

I guess I'll figure it all out.

But it's really GORGEOUS outside. Everything is sparkling.
I got started on the final version of granma's gift last night. it's an outdoor step-stone, with a broken glass mosaic of a cross on it. I had intended to do something involving a cast of my face, but it didn't work out to my satisfaction. It needs to be grouted sometime before we head to Pennsylvania on Saturday.