IMHO one of the most talented and enchanting actresses out of the past millennium..

Genevieve Bujold is a French Canadian actress whom I've been following for several decades (not literally, of course). As old as I, hence when she started acting, I started watching. Haven't seen much of her lately, although she did appear in the thriller, "Eye of the Beholder", just a couple of years ago.

She was born in Montreal, Canada in 1942, had a strict Catholic upbringing, and as a young girl, began acting classes, eventually studying with the Quebec Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Initially, touring with a theatrical company, she was, in essence, "discovered" in Paris by director Alain Resnais who cast her in "La Guerre Est Finnie". She began to work in both France and Canada, and made one film directed by her then husband, Paul Almond entitled "Isabel".

In 1979, she made her "Hollywood" debut in "Anne of a Thousand Faces" for which she received an Oscar nomination. Many films followed, my favorite being "Obsession", where Cliff Robertson believed she was "his" in a previous life. Other critically acclaimed films included "Coma" with Michael Douglas, "Tightrope" with Clint Eastwood, and "Dead Ringers" with Jeremy Irons. She was brought to mind, when recently I saw her and Keith Carradine in the 1984 film "Choose Me", a film I had totally forgotten about, but which is thoroughly enjoyable, as all of her work is.

Filmography up to 2001:,+Genevi%E8ve