You can never really get ahead. You should know that by now. The list of people canned at where I work is complete.
It was a random layoff . I guess the only reason I survived was that someone up there likes me.
Now we have to clean up the pieces. We had a meeting about 4PM today to discuss how yesterday went and where our company is going. The HR director said that they didn't want anybody to go out of here with a long face but to put on a smile. If I do that I will look like a mental patient.

On a very high note my youngest daughter took a few steps holding mommies hand. The little bitchlette won't do it for me. But that's ok. I still get big drooly toothless smiles. My older daughter seems a bit depressed. I think she is feeling a bit off because she has to share daddy and mommy now. So we played Playstation last night together for a while.
Makes work problems seem trivial.

My computer at home is alive. I should really get my web server up again. The big casualty is my porn collection. I built that thing up to over 5GB. I had better stuff than pay sites. Oh well there goes my retirement fund. Moral of the story BACKUP your data.