From Autumn to Ashes is a 5 piece hardcore band hailing from New York. Their musical style is often hard to categorize with their sounds flipping between metal, hardcore, acoustic, and emo. One of their major influences is Slayer; perhaps the major reason FATA has such hard metal riffs within most of their songs.

FATA exploded onto the hardcore scene with a 3-song demo and after less than a year of touring they were signed to Ferret Music. They currently only have one full length album out, Too Bad You’re Beautiful, and continue to tour extensively in support of this album.

Their current history is very limited but big things are expected for this band due to their insistent touring and work ethic.

From Autumn to Ashes is:

Benjamin Perri - Vocals Francis Mark - Percussion and Vocals Scott Gross - Guitar Brian Deneeve - Guitar Mike Pilato - Bass