A song by the band From Autumn to Ashes, Short Stories was released by Ferret Music in 2001 on the album "Too Bad You're Beautiful".

The song is a mixture of hardcore metal and lyrics separated by a subdued background sound with female vocals. On the album the female vocals are performed by Melanie Wills of the band One True Thing. During live performances the "slow" parts are sung by the band’s tenor drummer, Francis Mark, wearing a headset.

The song will appeal to two types of music fans: those seeking a loud, hardcore metal sound (kill your mother, eat a baby music, as my sister would say) and those who enjoy a strong, pure voice that could stand a cappella. Usually these two music genres are assumed to be complete opposites, but the beauty of Short Stories is that it brings together these styles and allows the listener to experience the song as though it were a battle of rage and tranquility. After the excitement and anger of the metal stanzas and heavy guitar, the listener is reminded that the song also has a basis in compassion and harmony.

With most hard rock or metal songs the lyrics tend to be distorted beyond recognition, and though this does happen to a certain degree in Short Stories with Tragic Endings, most of the rock vocals are clear enough to be comprehensible.

If you like hard rock or metal, while still enjoying the likes of Enya and The Cranes, check out this offering from From Autumn to Ashes.

I would have posted the lyrics, but rules being rules and lacking the authorizing letter from the owners, you’ll have to look them up yourself on one of the many lyric sites out there. Besides, did lyrics ever really add to a node? I think not.

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