Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State was originally established in 1870 by the Ohio General Assembly. It was originally named the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, however the school's name was changed in 1878 to its current form. Ohio State's school colors were originally supposed to be orange and brown, but when it was discovered that Princeton had already chosen that color scheme, the combination of scarlet and grey was chosen for the school. The school mascot is Brutus Buckeye, a mildly toxic nut

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Ohio State/University of Michigan Rivalry

Actually, the Ohio/Michigan rivalry dates back to the creation of the states. When Michigan was originally formed, there was a dispute as to how the state's southern border was to be drawn. Michigan wanted the border to be drawn from the southernmost part of Lake Erie, while Ohio wished the border to be drawn from the westernmost point. Ohio ultimately won this dispute, yet the rivalry still continues. The overall record (as of the 2002-2003 season) between these two teams is 48-48-2 each. This rivalry is very heated, as this game has often decided the winner of the Big Ten Championship, Rose Bowl, and national title. It is typically called the Greatest Rivalry in College Sports. In the latest meeting, Ohio State defeated Michigan 14-9 to end the season with a perfect 13-0 record, then went on to defeat Miami 24-17 in the Fiesta Bowl.

Famous Buckeyes in Sports

Credit to Transitional Man for the last 2.

Source: www.osu.edu

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