1923-1997 American 20th Century painter and sculptor, exponent of Pop art

He earned his BFA from Ohio State, then studied at the Art Students League of New York. Friend of Andy Warhol. His subjects are often banal objects like a hamburger or hot dog. He also did blowups of single frames from a comic or bubble gum wrapper. Larger canvases, acrylic paint. Used the technique of printmaking. He attended the American Academy in Rome. Famous painting: "Whaam" 1963 (WHAM!). Later in his career he did parodies of famous paintings

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Selected Source: Tompkins, Calvin, "Off The Wall, Robert Rauschenberg and the Art World of Our Time", Penguin, New York, 1980 Last Updated 07.04.04

Roy Lichtenstein is perhaps most famous for his comic book paintings. His sources for these were most often romance comics. He would usually reproduce a climactic panel from the original source but he would also alter it slightly. He was also known for imitating the benday dots used to shade these comics. He later took this style and adapted it to other subjects.

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