Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995 was an exhibit featured at the 2001 Festival Of Cartoon Art at the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library, which ran from September 10, 2001 to January 15, 2002. A book of the same title ($12.95, Andrews McMeel 2001 0740721356), showing the contents of the exhibit in print form, was published on September 15, 2001.

The book opens with a 7-page essay by Bill Watterson about his work on Calvin and Hobbes. The rest of the book is a series of 2-page spreads for each of the 36 comics in the exhibit, each featuring a selected sunday color comic strip, the original pencil sketch for the strip, and a paragraph or two from Mr. Watterson explaining the creation process and inspirations for each one.

Word has it some more Calvin and Hobbes books of some kind are coming in the next 2 years, but details are foggy. While this collection does not actually contain any new art, I'd still probably recommend this to hold over Calvin and Hobbes fans who are nostalgic for days passed. Myself, I've more or less gotten over it.

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