I just found out that I have enough experience to be level 5 now. Scary. 800+ exp but only 72 writeups. My node-fu is at its peak right now, and hopefully it won't vary too much, because to keep it the same, my next writeup has to reach at least a rep of 11.

Anyways, on to what daylogs are really for.

Me and my girlfriend just broke up, and this one burnt me more than usual. It wasn't over the usual stuff unfortunatly, it was over religion. Or more like her choice of religion and my lack of one. We managed to put it aside for a month or so, but it eventually came up and it really started to bother her until we finally broke up.

All this relationship taught me, now that I look back on it, is that you always should try to find someone of your own religion. Even though it isn't the biggest deal, sometimes its enough to cause a problem, like in my case.