In truth, they do exist. My girlfriend, who is now my wife, is a perfect example of this. She organizes much of her information for her job using her computer, does tons of research and even uses Everything! In fact, she is more successful at Everything that I am: she has a 21% C!’ing ratio at the moment.

Unlike some of the comments seem to suggest above, having your significant other also be into computers does not mean they are identical to you. My wife and I are almost diametric opposites; which in our relationship is a Very Good Thing™. She gives me viewpoints, ideas and concepts that I would never have thought of, and I give her the pleasure of my incredible thick-headiness and multiple bad habits. It’s a give and take relationship!

Perhaps 10 years ago, this node would have meant something, but computers are so much a part of daily life that you really can’t draw the distinction like you used to. Most adults who have a job that involves processing of information (teacher, librarian, even a receptionist) use computers. Granted, this is not the same as “liking computers”, but once someone pushes past their fear (or incompetence) and have 'net access, they realize what an invaluable tool a computer is. The access to information (from specifics like in a library, to generic news like CNN) is too much to resist.

Computers are no longer the providence of fanatics or specialists. They are used by every cross section of society and no longer require vast, specific skills to operate. We have truly seen the integration of computers into mainstream society – they are as much a part of life as is the telephone.

Welcome to the Information Age; an Age that affects all of Humanity.