Omnipresent in all high schools, these girls proudly declare that they only date football / basketball / hockey / (Insert popular sport) players. They are usually of the cheerleader variety, and part of the "in" crowd.

While these girls are often quite attractive visually, they are usually stuck-up snobs who have huge egos and a very self-inflated opinion of themselves. For me, they make something to stare at while in class when I'm bored, otherewise forget it. In the highly unlikely chance that I get to be in a sexual relation with them, I'll take the one night stand. They may be pretty on the outside, but they're dog ugly inside.

I think I'll take my time and find a nice geek girl to settle down with. I like women who possess intelligence and good personality, as well as a penchance for technology and computers. At times, I wonder if they even exist. *sigh*

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