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Elegance Through Simplicity
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Random Poetry and Poop Poetry. What could get better than that?

... slowly moving up the levels as I'm proud to have a life that doesn't involve computers ...

To grow old and stay young at the same time,
that is my TRUE goal, though not one I've quite finished yet,

Do you ever really FINISH any goals?
Or do you just learn more about how difficult they are?

The purpose to Everything has been lost. Like all other
public forums, it has become tainted by politics and petty bickering.
Can nothing that humans engage in as a group stay pure?

My 100% Pure Factual Nodes
That is, my very well written, factual nodes. I have others that are fact only, but not as detailed as these.

Nodes that I wouldn't add to because of their irrelevance

What would you be doing if the internet didn't exist?
The same thing I did before it existed: various hand based hobbies (model rocketry), spending time with my kid (granted, he wasn't around before the 'net, but still ...), reading a good book.