The meaning of needing to shaving in a dream

What is the meaning of needing to shave in a dream? Last night I had this mildly disturbing dream of being at a combination rave/music equipment sale. I was preparing to go into the corridor where it was being held in a hotel when I looked into the mirror and saw that the left hand of my face was almost entirely covered in a beard (but not extending onto the right hand side). Looking for a razor to shave with, I realized that I had the wrong blades for the wrong handles. I tried holding the blade with my fingers to shave with, but my mother told me to stop as it was dangerous (a cameo). I couldn’t locate anything to shave with, not even the cheap rip-your-face-apart disposables that girls use. Growing frustrated, I simply wiped it off my face with a damp cloth.

Now, I’m decent at analyzing my own dreams; especially since I understand the basic sorting functions that my brain does as I sleep. Usually if I connect-the-dots through a series of related memories and thoughts, I can see why certain things come to me as I sleep (dare I say the creation of soft-links?). But this has me mildly confused.

The dream was tense, but in that “I’m going to be late” sort of way, not in “Oh gods, my life will be over” way. I’m not particularly concerned about my looks as I realized years ago that they aren’t going to change. I don’t have any impending events or activities happening that I have to attend, nor anything that is “due” (such as late work projects). The only personal project I have hanging over me is installing this 37gb hard drive that I bought and putting together my most recent High Powered Rocket kit. But neither of those are pressured based.

The fact that I was disturbed by the hair’s presence would seem to indicate something involving looks or the impression that I might be giving others. The inability to remove it in a conventional fashion might indicate not be able to use normal channels, or that I’m trying to show people something about myself in a different way.


Who ever said that speaking about something doesn’t help you work yourself through it?

It may very well being a showing of the dissatisfaction I’m feeling towards my writing here in Everything (it sucks to have big thoughts and a small language center). That’s interesting and at the moment, the best possibility.

How do the rest of you feel about that? Any ideas?