AD&D is now currently into it's third edition. TSR was recently purchased by Wizards of the Coast (makers of Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon: The Trading Card Game among others).

AD&D 3rd edition, of which only the Player's Guide is currently out (DM's Guide is expected September 2000, Monster Manual during October 2000), seems to have erased some of the most annoying aspects of the system. It is obvious that Wizards has applied their game theory skills to fix and unify a set of rules that developed after the core rules were written.

Much unification of the system has occured: common sense and logic seems to be the predominant trait now.

Having played D&D when it first hit the shelves, I'm very much looking forward to trying out AD&D3 without all the annoying aspect of puberty getting in the way of a true role playing experience.

I stand corrected, it is no longer Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, just Dungeon & Dragons 3rd Edition.