An excellent drink a friend of mine created. It consists of:

1 shot Barq's Olde Tyme Root Beer
1 shot Butterscotch schnapps (e.g. DeKuyper's Buttershots )
1 shot Bacardi 151

mixed thusly:

Pour the shot of 151 into a fairly tall glass, cool-looking if possible (the effect is much better if you do this with a nice glass rather than, say, a paper cup). Pour in the Barq's, then add the schnapps. Now here's the trick: you should always pour this drink for someone else. Have them kneel before you solemnly. Then, in a voice as James-Earl-Jonesian as you can muster, utter this phrase:

"This will show you the true nature of the force".

and hand them the drink. This is a shooter, and one hell of a shooter it is! 1 shot 151 and 1 shot Buttershots equals roughly 2.5 shots of run-of-the-mill, 80-proof alcohol. This drink is not for the faint of heart, or of stomach, and only for true fans of the holy trilogy. The idea is that the Buttershots is the sweet, tempting nature of the dark side. Next comes the bite of the Barq's to represent power. Then, in the words of the drink's creator, the 151 reaches out and grabs your ass, just like Vader choking that smarmy git during the Imperial conference in episode IV.