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Morgandorf grew up in a large suburb called Shoreline which was part of Seattle until a few years ago, and is now officially the most boring city in the Puget Sound area, but it is definitely *not* on a shore of any kind. He faithfully attended Shorecrest High School (also not on or near any shores), then promptly moved as far away as he could manage, namely a few miles down the street to the University of Washington. He is approaching his fifth year and will hopefully soon possess a computer science degree to call his very own. Then he will get a crappy job in the industry and begin hating his life anew.

In his spare time, Morgandorf likes to work on useless programming projects that he has absolutely no hope of finishing, because he likes to pretend that he actually does something with his life.

Note: his name is not Morgan, nor does Dorf appear anywhere in his title. He doesn't think he got the name from the cartoon Daria (whose last name was Morgendorffer) that aired (and may still; Morgandorf does not know) on MTV, but he could be wrong.