I've got a ticket to the Dave Matthew's Band concert tonight!!! I haven't seen them for a year, and I'm sooo pumped!

Also, today redboot and I staged a military coup against the EDB. We were doing well, until Red decided to turn his machine-gun turret at thefez, who had become (or had been) EDB's servant. After EDB ate us both (!), we plotted our return as some other noders took up our battle. Sadly, redboot never returned. Since I had "learned my lesson", Gamaliel and I took the tank out for a spin, and he "accidentally" put the tank through the front window of the 7-11 we went to. After that the party pretty much ran out of steam.

On another note, today, we denziens of the Chicago area began planning our retort to the DEUM, starting with some of us attending Sarcasmo's party. I think Saige expressed interest. This could be fun (sorry, Sarcasmo said it would be fun).

That's all for today. Hisenna!