7AM) I’ve stayed up all night, on purpose – not just in my usual wandering from fun thing to fun thing manner – but in order to sleep today away. Tomorrow I have to have a colonoscopy and a esophagastroduodenoscopy, yuk! That means today I can’t eat anything but clear liquids and must endure chemically induced diarrhea. I’ve seen others go through this, the preparation is definitely worse than the procedure. So, I thought I’d sleep between bathroom runs. I hope I can.

Or, maybe I’ll finish up 7 already half done nodes and make level 5. That would put a bright edge on today! But perhaps that would be too much like noding while drunk.

I promise no more day logs until after level 5 is achieved but I don’t promise not to add more nonsense to this one.

Maybe I’ll just get on my exercise bike until I drop from exhaustion or lift my weights, or turn my compost pile……I certainly won’t be reading any books. I’m already tired, as evidenced by the rambling I’m doing here. I don’t want to go to sleep yet. I still have 25.5 miserable hours to kill.

DH just left for his usual Monday morning commute to NYC. He won’t be back until Friday. I can behave weirdly with no observers. My friend will drive me to and fro tomorrow. Thank you friend Becky.

Wow, colonoscopy is just a node shell and exercise bike and esophagastroduodenoscopy don't even exist, guess I'll fix that.

12:30PM) I forgot I had to go get my blood drawn so I did that then wandered around Kmart looking for bargains. $150 later I'm carting home 4 new trash cans, 4 new pillows and new socks for everyone. These are things we really did need but I can't help feeling I'm making stupid choices right now. Put that credit card away girl! I seem to have caught a second wind. Got the trash to the street for tomorrow's pickup and fed the birds. I had to break through the ice in the birdbath for them. I've become very spoiled by the mild winter but today it is cold.

Stopped at Starbucks for a hot caramel cider/no cream, it is really just steamed apple juice with caramel syrup but it is surprisingly satisfying. Just made myself another one at home. I have an expresso / steam machine that I make myself a caramel latte with every day but no milk products are allowed today. Only 20 hours left to go. The garden is out, too cold today so I think I'll node some now.

Just nodded off about 20 times, I think I'll cave in now and go to bed. Oh lord, the hospital just called and they want to videotape my breastfeeding class next week. I HATE being videotaped when I'm teaching. Oh well, maybe it will inspire me instead of inhibiting me but I doubt it. I could normally teach that class in my sleep and I'll probably stutter and uh,uh, uh ... the whole time. Well, off to bed.

"Goodnight Moon, good night cow jumping over the moon, good night bears and good night chairs ....."

4PM)Up for the first dose of phospho-soda ("ginger-lemon flavor"). That is some deeesgusting stuff. It literally gave me chills. I'm now thankful for jello chasers and chemical chicken broth.

10PM) 2nd dose even worse going down and induced moderate nausea for about 15" afterwards. Chicken broth is the best liquid for immediate chaser, followed by jello and Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Chamomile tea.

At least the steady trips to the bathroom are not painful like when you have the flu, just frequent.

It is now the next day (3/5/02) but I’m keeping it here on (3/4/02) because I recognize this node is frightfully self indulgent and doesn’t deserve to become a 2nd node as well.

12MN to 4AM) slept steady / 5AM to 8AM) showered and a bit more fitful sleep

8AM to 10AM) Becky drove me to hospital, I checked in and the nurse got the IV in my R hand (very easy, she used a little bleb of Novocain and it didn't hurt at all plus Becky brought me a "bed buddy" - a little tube of microwavable materials - to keep my hands warm and veins dilated).

Becky and I “job share” so she went off to see our patients and I went into a Versed induced haze. I felt nothing of the colonoscopy and was only aware of them spraying my throat to numb it for the esophagastroduodenoscopy then I was out of it again. Waking up was much easier than from general anesthesia.

1PM)I’m just a little woozy but out to lunch at La Madeleine. Yum, mushroom soup and chicken salad sandwich on olive bread sure beats yesterday's fare.

For the rest of the day I slept a lot, my son took me to TGIFs dinner, and I steadily woke up. By 9PM I'm all back to normal.

I don’t understand what they found, they took some esophagus biopsies, so I’ll talk to the doctor tomorrow. I think it was just routine to do the biopsies. I’ve had a long history of gastroesophogeal reflux and they worry about the effect of that and the possibility of cancer but I didn’t get the impression it looked like cancer, just that biopsies are routine. The rectal bleeding source was just a fissure, which is healing on its own. That sudden bleeding was the reason for the whole procedure so that was quite a relief.