Largest herbal tea manufacturer in North America. Founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 1969, later sold to Kraft. In 1988 Kraft sold it back to its owners (it's now publicly traded on NASDAQ).

In 1999, it had 50% of market share in herbal teas in North America, although the company pretty much invented that, bringing herbal teas out of health food stores and onto grocery store shelves by focusing on flavor instead of medicinal properties. The brand also features distinct packaging- each flavor has its own artwork inside an oval, featuring a pastoral or domestic scene that usually includes a depiction of the fruit or plant that gives the infusion its flavor, an innocuous fuzzy animal, and/or a person expressing the quality the flavor or ingredients of the tea is supposed to impart (i.e., calmness, sagacity, energy). In 2000, the company merged with the Hain Food Group.

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