I'm getting this albatross off my neck.

When I first wrote this write-up, I simply wanted to express an idea for purely intellectual reasons. I didn't even say that I thought it was right, or that I believed it. I just wanted to say that it was something to think about. That idea got naught but down-votes, so I'll recant. To any who may have been offended, I apologize.

Originally this write-up suggested that maybe that conservative Christian ideas might actually support gay marriage, as extramarital sex is considered to be a sin. I'm not trying to convince anyone, nor am I convinced that this is even right. I was just presenting an idea. This got a great number of down-votes, suggesting that maybe this wasn't an idea worth bringing up. The only trouble is, taking it back got even more down-votes. Please, unless you really love this idea, just don't comment. I'm sure I've heard everything negative there is to say about it.