Today is "I don't like Mondays."

I'm happy for a change, because I'm about to drop my CS class. Ugh, I shouldn't be happy about that, but it's a temporary happiness. Soon I'll be grim again.

Why am I dropping out of it? I'd like to think it's the teacher, but maybe I'm just a dumbass. You see, there's this prof who's the biggest bitch. She comes in fifteen minutes late, then tells us how much she hates her job and then reads from our CS text as if it were somekind of storybook. And this storybook has absolutely nothing to do with the to-be assignments. Yes, I know. This is the college professor and I must learn to endure them. Unfortunately, I can't and I'm withdrawing before it screws with my GPA.

Ugh...and always thought that CS was going to be my major. I think everybody does...but not me.

...and today, I looked at the sky again:

And into the arms of darkness, I rest.
The rage of the sky and His furrowing brow.
His red shadow slowly creeps and I cower,
I cower like a child, because-
Because, there are no reasons...
To all the mothers of the world (or E2 I should say):
Your children love you very much.